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Money Mentors

Money Mentors may help people to be in charge of their money.  A 'mentor' is like a coach.  They help you to set your own goals and then work beside you to help you achieve your goals.
All Money Mentoring appointments are at UCWB with The Open Door. Here are different ways that a money mentor can help:
  • Planning a personal budget
  • Support for using a budget from day to day
Electricity, gas, water and phone bills
  • Negotiating a payment plan
  • Avoiding disconnection
  • Identifying eligible concessions
  • Applications
Centrelink Payment Finder
  • Identifying eligible payments
MoneySmart website
  • Information for different age groups
  • Special calculators
  • Videos
  • Different languages
No Interest Loan (NILS)
  • Applications (eligibility applies)
  • Applications (eligibility applies)


  • To other services that may help meet identified needs.
  Each person is unique and so your plan will be designed to meet your own personal situation,
respecting your needs and level of abilities.

Have a chat to a Money Mentor today to find out more about the service.


Who is the right person to help you? Money Mentor (MM) or Financial Counsellor (FC)?

I need money to buy a fridge/washing machine   Arrow   MM

Are you seeking some help with day to day money management? (budget help)  Arrow   MM

Do you have personal loans or credit cards that you are struggling to pay?  Arrow   FC

Are you having problems paying energy, water or phone bills?

  • For current billing only  Arrow   MM
  • More than current bill  Arrow   FC


Are you at risk of losing your home?  Arrow   FC

Are you seeking information or help to access concessions or Centrelink payments?  Arrow   MM

Do you have a debt with Centrelink that you cannot pay?  Arrow   FC

Are you afraid of legal action due to debts you cannot pay?  Arrow   FC


Money Mentor  Financial Counsellor 
 swirlDay to day money management  swirlResolve debit and credit issues
 swirlNegotiate payment plans on bills  swirlAccessing hardship payment options
 swirlFinancial health check  swirlNegotiate with Creditors and Debtors
 swirlConcessions Finder  swirlThreat of repossession of goods

 swirlHow to use calculators and tools:

  • MoneySmart website
  • Track Your Spend app


  • Mortgage - threat of repossession
  • Rent - threat of eviction
 swirlCentrelink Payment Finder  swirlLegal actions for debt
 swirlNo Interest Loan (NILS) applications  swirlReferral for home energy audit
 swirlGrant applications  swirlDental bills
 swirlHow to Use It's Up 2 Me website & app         swirlBankruptcy
 swirlHow to save on energy in the home  swirlNational Hardship Register
 swirlTravellers' Aid  swirlProblems with Debt Collectors



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