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Community Support Scheme

The Community Support Scheme connects individuals with support workers that actively assist consumers to meet their goals and respond to their changing needs. Consumers are engaged in goal setting and are regularly reviewed to ensure services are meeting their needs.

UCWB, in partnership with SA Health, provides individualised supports to consumers with a lived experience of mental illness and physical or other disability.

The scheme emphasises early intervention and prevention to assist consumers to stay involved in everyday activities, maintain or rebuild their confidence, improve social connectedness and emotional wellbeing, and stay active and healthy.  The objective of the Community Support Scheme is to:

·      Maintain and promote independence
·      Help avoid premature or inappropriate admission to long term residential care and
·      Support ongoing development to remain independent, build capacity, self-esteem, and the ability to manage day-to-day life.

What are the types of services I can receive?

This can include areas such as home based living skills, social support and linking into community activities and resources.

  • Domestic Assistance – Assistance normally provided in the home, including but not limited to house cleaning, dishwashing, clothes washing and ironing, shopping and bill paying.
  • Home Maintenance – Assistance with the maintenance and repair of a person's home, garden or yard to keep their home in a safe and habitable condition.  Services may include lawn mowing, rubbish removal, wood chopping, changing light bulbs, replacing tap washers, replacing or cleaning guttering and roof retiling.
  • Personal Care – Assistance with daily self-care tasks, including eating, bathing, toileting, dressing, grooming, getting in and out of bed and moving about the house.
  • Social Support – Support either provided within the home environment or while accessing community services or facilities, which is primarily directed at meeting the consumers' needs for social contact and/or accompaniment in order to participate in community life.  Includes friendly visiting services, letter writing for the consumer, helping them do paperwork, shopping, bill-paying  and banking (when the consumer is accompanied by the worker), and telephone-based mentoring services.
  • Respite Care – A substitute carer provided to carers so that they may have their relief from their caring role.   May occur in the home or when a suitable carer accompanies both the carer and care recipient on an outing.  The consumers of Respite Care Services will always be the carer.


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