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About UCWB

UnitingCare Wesley Bowden was established more than 150 years ago, and since its inception has continued its tradition of never closing its doors to people in need while resources remain.  
The Organisation’s mission statement is ‘Breaking barriers, building lives’ and through its many programs and services UnitingCare Wesley Bowden seeks to provide one-to-one and group support, assistance, advocacy, counselling, information and education for individuals and families who are in need of assistance.

UCW Bowden has many services available to help to support people living in Metropolitan Adelaide including;

Children’s services provides child care services to families from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds at the Torrensville Child and Family Centre.

Community Care services provides a range of community support and respite services including direct care, Commonwealth respite and Carelink Centre, mental health respite, the Young Carers Program and respite support for Carers of Young People living with a disability.

Westside Housing Association offers assistance to those on a low income, whilst working in conjunction with UCW Bowden to identify seed causes of problems and connecting tenants with appropriate support services.

Family and Community services provide an alcohol and other drugs program, assistance with care and housing for the Aged, Emergency Assistance, support for aged care services by multicultural communities through the community partners program, family services, financial counselling, low income support, step up loans, supported tenancies program, tax help and multicultural programs.

The Inner Southern Homelessness service offers support services for people who are homeless or at imminent risk of homelessness to achieve the maximum possible degree of self reliance and independence.

Through the dedicated and compassionate work of staff and volunteers, UnitingCare Wesley Bowden will continue to make a positive difference in overcoming the barriers facing disadvantaged South Australians.