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Often charities are rightly scrutinised in relation to the percentage of money we spend on clients versus administration costs. While many understand that we simply cannot provide these services without the supporting business needs (eg buildings, maintenance, rent, electricity, water, staff on-costs etc) donors are still looking for the most effective way to give to their favourite cause.

UnitingCare Wesley Bowden’s new For My Family regular giving program is the most effective and efficient way of giving to support those who need it most all year long. It reduces our administration costs allowing more of your donation to go straight towards our clients and services.

Why is family important?

The simple answer is that a family plays a vital role in shaping the personality as well as the life of an individual. A family can be a safe harbour to return to in challenging times. They accept your mistakes and weaknesses and still love you. They provide security and encouragement, all of which can lead to a productive, safe and happy life.

UCW Bowden believes in the immense power and importance of family. We are a family-centred organisation and the For My Family regular giving program focuses on promoting family values while supporting families in need.

We encourage families to participate in this program and use it as a tool to regularly bring the family together to share experiences and stories. A monthly family dinner where everyone can bring along their donation will remind everyone of the importance of these relationships. For parents with younger children it can also be a great opportunity to teach them about the importance and joy of giving.

The term ‘family’ can also apply to many different groups of people. You may consider a close group of friends ‘family’ or maybe even your team at work. No matter who your ‘family’ is, participating in this program will bring you together and make you feel good about giving back.

If you would like to know more about this program please click here or call 8245 7100 and we can send you a For My Family brochure.


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